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Hunger Task Force

The Hunger Task Force for San Joaquin County was formed in 2006, and represents the City of Stockton, County of San Joaquin and more than 30 Community Based Organizations, churches and schools.  The Task Force meets quarterly to advance nine major goals to reduce or end hunger and food-insecurity in San Joaquin County.  Successes since formation of the Hunger Task Force include increases in Cal Fresh and Med-Cal enrollment, a growing supply of donated food, and enhanced nutrition and cooking educational programs.  The Hunger Task Force welcomes new members interested in supporting its mission.

For more information about the Hunger Task Force, please contact: Elvira Ramirez - eramirez@ccstockton.org, 209.444.5938

2019 Meetings

Location: TBD
Time: 9am
Dates: October 18th

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