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Main Food Pantry:  Families and individuals in need of emergency food assistance can visit the Emergency Food Bank’s on-site food pantry located at 7 West Scotts Avenue, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Food assistance is available twice a month per household. If you do not have a current Emergency Food Bank ID Card, please bring a photo ID (CA ID, CA Drivers License, Matricula, Resident Alien Green Card, etc.) along with proof of current San Joaquin County residency (Utility Bill, Rental Agreement, Paycheck Stub, etc.).

Healthy Food RX: The idea behind the program, Healthy Food RX is to use "Food as Medicine" to effectivly assist clients in managing or preventing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. This client specific program is a joint coalition created with Abbott Fund, Public Health Institute and Community Medical Centers. Our Nutrition Educators hold nutrition workshops and cooking classes for members enrolled in the program. A food box filled with nutrient-dense food items is then delivered to the member's doorstep. Members can join a LIVE cooking demo to learn about how to cook the food they are given in their box.

Healthy Food RX FAQ's

  • Q: I missed my delivery, my delivery was stolen or I never received my delivery
    A: If you do not receive your food box by 3pm on delivery day, contact the EFB immediately at 209.464.7369 to schedule a redelivery. You must contact the EFB no later than 3pm, Thursday of the delivery week. (Redeliveries will be on Friday).
  • Q: What happens if I don't call by Thursday? Am I still able to receive a food box?
    A: Unfortunately, you must contact the EFB no later than 3pm, Thursday of the delivery week to qualify for a redelivery. For more information contact the EFB.
  • Q: Can I pick up my food box?
    A: Yes. You can pickup your food box on Wednesday of the delivery week, between noon and 2pm. Please contact the EFB for delivery dates.
  • Q: How do I update my phone number, address and/or delivery preferences?
    A: Contact the EFB to update delivery information.
  • Q: When will I receive my last food box?
    A: Healthy Food RX is a 6-month program with participants receiving 2 food boxes each month (on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday). 

Community Oureach: Nutrition Educators, along with Community Medical Centers, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Behavioral Healh Specialist of San Joaquin and the Gospel Center Rescue Mission assemble weekly to reach out to encampments in the Stockton area. Armed with nutrient dense foods that require no cooking, they reach out to over 20 individuals every week. This program strives to break down transportation and safety barriers to bring "ready-to-use" groceries to those within encampments, eliminating transportation needs and safety concerns. 

Door Dash: In 2020, the Emergency Food Bank discovered that many eldery Stockton residents did not have the transportation available to purchase healthy food. Together with 2-1-1, the Food Bank created a program to benefit seniors within Stockton. The Door Dash program currently distributes healthy, nutritious food to the doorstep of over 250 Stockton residents who are unable to leave their homes.

Mobile Farmer's Market:  The Mobile Farmer’s Market travels to over 60 sites each month, reaching approximately 2,000 families throughout the San Joaquin County in food deserts and under-served areas.  The Mobile Farmer's Market program offers nutritious food to thousands of families and seniors.  Our Nutrition Educators provide fresh fruit and vegetables, nutrition education, and cooking demonstrations featuring a harvest of the month. Click HERE to learn more about the Emergency Food Bank Mobile Farmer's Market Program.

Nutrition Education The Emergency Food Bank offers monthly classes at the Thomas F. Wilson Nutrition Education Center. Families and individuals can learn about planning and cooking nutritious meals, how to prevent obesity and chronic conditions and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Click HERE to learn more about the Emergency Food Bank Nutrition Education and Outreach Program.

USDA Commodeties Program: On the last Wednesday of every month the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) works with the Emergency Food Bank to provide San Joaquin County Residents with nutritious USDA Foods.  A valid form of ID is required.

Partner Pantries:  The Emergency Food Bank provides food to partner pantries throughout San Joaquin County.  These pantries are located in underserved neighborhoods and serve as a resource to people in need. To be considered as a Pantry Partner, CLICK HERE and fill out our Pantry Partner Application. For more information contact Fran O'Brien at 209.464.7369 or email info@stocktonfoodbank.org.

Annual Holiday Food Giveaway:  Every year we hold a variety of events to receive food and monetary donations that allow us to build holiday meals that we giveaway twice a year. One for Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. To receive food boxes and a turkey, participants must be residents of San Joaquin County with proper ID. ID includes proof of residence with a utility bill, a CA ID or Drivers license that shows San Joaquin County resident address or an an Emergency Food Bank ID (come to the Emergency Food Bank prior to distribution day to apply/recive this ID).

  • Thanksgiving Meal Giveaway - November 21, 2023 All the fixings for cooking a tasty and nutritious holiday meal, including a turkey, are provided to San Joaquin residents in a seamless distribution that has been perfected over the years.
    • Clear out a space in your trunk prior to arrival to make the placement quick and easy.
    • Be sure to have all proper ID in the vehicle, one ID for each person receiving food items.
    • Clarify any questions prior to pick-up day by calling our office at 209.464.7369.
  • Christmas Meal Giveaway - December 19, 2023 Christmas is often celebrated by gathering over a meal, just like Thanksgiving.  Like in November, we will again provide the components for families to create a nutritious holiday meal, including a turkey to San Joaquin residents.
    • Clear out a space in your trunk prior to arrival to make the placement quick and easy.
    • Be sure to have all proper ID in the vehicle, one ID for each person receiving food items.
    • Clarify any questions prior to pick-up day by calling our office at 209.464.7369.

Job Training for the community:  Each day, the EFB operates with as many as 25 community volunteers. Many of our volunteers are here to gain work experience in food handling, warehouse work, truck driving and office administration – and many go on to productive jobs at the Emergency Food Bank, and in the community.

To get involved in any of these programs, call the Emergency Food Bank at 209.464.7369.