About Us

Mobile Farmers Market

The Mobile Farmers Market (MFM) program is a farmer’s market on wheels.  The MFM travels to over 60 sites throughout San Joaquin County distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to families with children and seniors who either have limited resources, are unaware of the nutritional value found in these items, or are unable to go to a grocery store to buy healthy nutritional items for their households.  Nutrition Educators focus seasonal produce and provide nutrition education, food demonstrations, and access to healthy foods free of charge.

Many areas in the county have limited access to top-line supermarkets within reasonable walking or driving distances. Although many supermarkets are prominent in suburban locations, urban areas are generally limited to liquor stores and convenience marts that contain food items high in empty calories, unhealthy preservatives and harmful fats. With little to no transportation, venturing out to supermarkets to buy nutritious foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables, is often an impossible task.

The MFM brings nutritious foods to families with children and seniors in those areas.  If we can provide clients with fresh fruits and vegetables with hopes of decreasing hunger, food-insecurity, preventing chronic health issues and essentially raising awareness, then more families, children and seniors will increase fruit and vegetable consumption and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients, low-income families and seniors to understand the benefits of including 5 or more fruits and vegetables daily in their diet. This idea will in turn help families increase produce consumption, meet the dietary requirements of 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and improve overall well-being for families with children and seniors.  The long-term health benefits that these essential food items provide the bodies are extremely valuable. The concept is quite simple. If the fruits and vegetables are brought directly to the target audience in need then the residents will take the food home and eat more fruits and vegetables.

For more information on the Mobile Farmers Market please contact Cristal Marquez at 209.464.7369 or email at info@stocktonfoodbank.org.