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July 2021: CEO Message - Leonard O. Hansen Ph.D

So many things to share! Starting off with our social media mix. We are current and topical in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s great to tell our story so well! It’s good to work as a team and develop a routine for sharing pictures, captions, news, and pushing initiatives.  It raises “top of mind” awareness!

It was time for Annual Inventory at the fiscal year end.  Our Accountants from Schwartz, Giannini came out to observe and test. The work of Jimmy, Ryan and Joe, as well as others, was immense as we prepared the warehouse for counting. The tests came out well, verifying accuracy. Ryan will be leading our audit again this year and as we completed the June 30th statement, Kathy will work with him to finish the audit, file to 990, and close out the fiscal year. Job well done!

A few repairs were needed this July. We had our box truck worked on in a number of ways, but it has since been returned to us, running well after a $3,052.84 tally for the work.

We have had a close shave early in July and early in the morning! A call came in at 4:20 a.m. as the homeless encampment folks behind us in Mormon Slough caused a fire on the fence that runs between the Food Bank and Marble Palace. Thankfully we have a good team in calm and in crisis.

Andy, who works with us as a volunteer security guard during the day was just arriving, called Jimmy who arrived quickly on site. The Stockton Fire Department had it in control speedily and while there is some burn damage to the fences, behind both businesses, the rest is detritus from the camps.

Fires remain a repeated occurrence and a hazard of our area, requiring that we stay vigilant. The fire department is quick to respond in each case. Grateful are we.

Events are in full swing as well. The NAIFA 45th Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefitting the EFB was a success! It took a team for all the organization and preparation. Kathy was the organizing force, accomplishing a great series of tasks.  She’s found the right-sized hot dog and matching bun, purchased beer, soda, arranging for water and other items to be shipped from the warehouse out to the Stockton Golf & Country Club.  She was the phone and email center of the work on sponsors, shirts, signs, tickets, and sales by the well-practiced NAIFA committee that has assembled 136 golfers, a raft of sponsors, and what culminated into a great fundraiser. 

That’s a wrap, well, almost! Speaking of wraps, Alesha has arranged for the new van to be wrapped next week. The new van is courteous of Dr. Neelesh S. Bangalore, MD, Ph.D. We are grateful for his support of our street outreach program by donating the van.

The good news keeps coming and we are happy to share it with all.

Be Well!


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