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April 2021: CEO Message - Leonard O. Hansen Ph.D

We began this week with our new NCCC AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers arriving at the Emergency Food Bank. Ten willing and motivated Volunteers in the Program. Much work was accomplished by Jimmy, Rebecca, and our staff to secure a third group and find donated housing (found through Peter Ragsdale at the Housing Authority in San Joaquin County.  They will be here through July 12th and we are grateful. Also, I’ve arranged for Peter Ragsdale and his team to visit the Food Bank; he and I believe we have several areas of partnership to develop; welcome news for our organization!

On Tuesday, one of the NCCC’s big jobs was distributing to the Door Dash folks. Door Dashers take our food out for delivery to the 337 clients we serve through 211 Family Resources and Referral. It was a well done distribution, wrapping up in less than 90 minutes! We are a quick and efficient bunch.

There are inconvenient hurdles in a business week; we roll with the punch and keep on going. For instance, when we had a plumbing problem. No worries, a team of hard working professionals were quick to address the situation and fix it in no time and returning all services into working order.

Maria and Kathy, our great office professionals, continue their training. We know that constant education is a way to stay relevant and efficient.

Jimmy continues to be a shining star in not only managing our own warehouse of items and distribution, but also in helping other local organizations. He shared eggs with St. Mary’s Dining and Bread of Life, among others – part of our role as a Food “Bank.”

And our Master Gardeners are taking the garden beds into Springtime!  There was considerable work to be done and they are on it! We look forward to Spring and Summer harvesting!

As we move out of the Pandemic Year, revitalizing and expanding our Garden Program, our Nutrition Education Program, and other efforts that will grow our Profile and fulfill our mission to fight food insecurity in all its forms. We have the Abbott Fund Healthy Food RX Program in its second full cycle, with a new Food Box and accompanying ZOOM cooking class today with Alex, Monserrat (PHI), and Emily. Proud of this team to keep our community engaged and educated in a modern way. 

As we wrap up the month, our National Guard were in San Jose for training, but we had a big, robust, group of volunteers! Huge thank you's to Victory Outreach Church for coming in every Friday, plus the NCCC AmeriCorps VISTA group, and several single volunteers. It takes a village.

Good Work, Good People, Good Month.  


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