About Us

"Nutrition On The Move" Program

The Emergency Food Bank understands not everyone has access to basic nutrition education and began to implement its “Nutrition on the Move” program. The program’s message is designed to raise awareness targeting underserved and resource-poor participants by staging relevant and important workshops focusing on healthy meals, family food budgeting and active lifestyles – all designed to encourage and promote healthy, active lifestyles!

With high rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes affecting many in our community, comprehensive supportive services that inform our community members about healthy eating with active lifestyles can help raise understanding and possibly prevent future health problems.

The recent completion of the Emergency Food Bank’s Thomas F. Wilson Nutrition Education Center, which houses a large 300 sq. ft. classroom and demonstration kitchen, gives the “Nutrition on the Move” program the ability to expand and grow its education services.

The FREE workshops focus on good nutrition and healthy eating. They also teach families how to plan healthy, nutritional meals from food that the Food Bank gives out each week. Each class allows the participant to learn and build a proper nutritional foundation for healthy living.

Workshops include learning the new My Plate, understanding how to read food labels, food safety and sanitation, and the like. Cooking demonstrations are also given, helping families learn “healthier” ways of cooking to improve eating habits.

The courses vary in length and in material covering different topics outside of nutrition as well. They include budgeting and shopping to help participants understand the importance of good money management. These courses aid the participants in acquiring fruits and vegetables in an affordable manner through the use of coupons and good grocery shopping practices.

Workshops are given at the Food Bank’s main location on Scotts Avenue every Friday from 11 am-noon (please see calendar for any change in times or cancellations).

Our goal is to provide access to a resource for our most vulnerable community members so they may learn about proper health, nutrition and ways to live healthier lifestyles!